About Me

I am a mother of two crazy awesome little girls and I work a full-time job. I have a very busy schedule, but when I can, I spend my days out in our ever-expanding vegetable garden, or working on various crafts with the girls. I am working towards some form on self sufficiency – well, doing what we can in a tiny subdivision backyard with many bylaws.

Cooking is my passion! I grew up surrounded by fresh herbs, fresh from the garden veggies, and lots of garlic. My dad always encouraged me to help in the kitchen and now I strive to provide homemade meals, with the freshest ingredients everyday. I can’t wait until the local farmers market is back into full swing. I am working on expanding my repertoire, most of my food seems to come out tasting Italian.

I dabble a bit in photography – mostly of my kids, and a lot of Georgian bay sunsets.