Saying Goodbye to Fall.

Well, November disappeared in a hurry. I still can’t believe how nice the weather has been. We spent as much time as we could outside. Leah and Ava really love the trees we have in back yard. Playing in the giant leaf piles we make is so much fun. With the cold weather coming, there are frozen puddles about and the kids love playing with the ice.

Leah playing in the leaves
Leah and Ava in the leaves
Ava rediscovering ice.

In the last couple of weeks we have made some crafts for Christmas. Pinterest is very inspiring; however, we end up with so many little projects and its hard to decide which ones to keep. The kids and I love stretching our crafting skills as each project brings a new challenge. I love the hand print art the best, watching their little hands grow every year. Time goes by just too quickly.  We started working on a new craft for the grandparents for christmas. I can’t give away too many secrets but there are some pictures of before its completed.

Hand print Cardinals
Christmas craft in the making
Christmas craft in the making

We have been rather under the weather the last couple of weeks, so we have been taking it slower. Leah was so sick that her giant stuffed Nessie suffered a flu explosion and never really smelled the same. It was old and looking rather torn so I made her a new one with a slightly modified pattern. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer.

Leah and her new Loch Ness Monster.

Our family grew a little bit this month, we got a new dog! His name is Hawk.  He really enjoys playing with the kids and Ginger.

Leah and Hawk playing in the back yard

I got a a couple of christmas photos of the girls this week. I can’t believe that December is here! Time to get that Christmas tree up soon!

Leah and Ava all ready for Christmas.
Santa’s little elves

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Jana thank you for that inspiring blog. It gives me much pleasure to read of your musings and get a peak into your
preps. for Christmas.
Did you make the girls pinafores?
Lovely.! They are so happy, you do have a lovely yard for them.Thanks for being a fun mommy.

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