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Fresh from the garden and summer fun

Hello again,

I am noticing that it is really hard to keep up with computer work when the weather is so nice outside. I have been spending my evenings walking with the kids and the dog, and sitting on the deck reading my book in the last of the suns rays. That does mean however that my blog is getting neglected.

With all this summer heat the kids have been outside in the yard a lot. I am so happy that I got a little splash pool last year, They are in it almost everyday.

Ava looking for a leaf to eat
Leah investigating the tomato plants
Pool fun to cool off

I am so happy for the few rainstorms we have had the last couple of days. The garden is so happy, there are so many new blooms everyday. I have a new variety of day lily that I can’t find the name of, but it is really showy!

Day lily

The hydrangeas are hitting peak and so are many others.

The bees loves the gladiolas

My dad got us a beautiful double Hibiscus for our summer planter, it is stunning.


Our gardens are growing and producing rapidly too. Leah really enjoys eating the borage flowers, and I can’t keep Ava out of the basil.

Leah loves borage flowers

We have been eating zucchini almost every night for almost a month. The beets, carrots, and potatoes are growing well. I can’t wait to try them. I tore out the last of the spring lettuce so that I could plant another section of beet to last us later into the fall. I think I need to find a new place to grow peas and beans. They just don’t seem happy in the place I have them. Sounds like another garden expansion to plan over the winter. The tomatoes are full of green tomatoes, I hope they start to ripen soon!

I harvested and dried a bunch of Dill this week, Ava loves to give me a hand. I have also tried my hand at making dill pickles this year and so far so good! I opened one jar already and its mostly gone. Its one of my favourite summer things.

Ava helping pick dill leaves for drying.
Homemade Dill Pickles.

Off to the cottage I go! I dont really have internet access up there which is awesome. It is a good time to set down the phone and play games and have fun with the whole family.


One reply on “Fresh from the garden and summer fun”

Jana, I love your blog, I love the stories you write about the summer things you are doing with your little girls.
l love it that they learn to eat and like the herbs that grow in the garden
next to where they play, they find more or less the same thing when they visit your mom.
They are so beautiful and I can hardly wait to have them close to me.
The pickles look so good!
My tomatoes both tiny and the plum are being eaten , they are ripening quickly and early, the heirlooms from Serbia are large and very green, Mike, my neighbour gave me 2 plants started in his house.
My new strawberry patch is growing runners, I have taken all blooms and buds off until they grow runners. Another row is not throwing runners but the plants are growing to a healthy size.
All the red and bl. currants are picked, made one batch of jam, froze the others, 3 1/2 kg,of bl, red currants a bit less, I did cut down most of my second red currants bush.
Beans are plenty ful I get the beans from Dam seeds, they produce an amazing amount. I have just seeded a bit more will seed spinach and peas on Tuesday. The butternut squashes are forming and growing well.
Have no Zuchinis this year, we have voles who eat my neighbours . zuchinis mostly for the moisture, we are going to put dishes with water out. G.G 💞💗💓

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