Puttering in the garden

Feels like summer is finally here!

I got the summer planters up and potted up on the deck and the garden is brimming with life. The fig looks like we might actually get some fruit this year.

Planters on the deck

I got some much needed weeding done while the girls were doing one of their favourite summer activities, painting packing paper that has been taped down to the deck. They have complete freedom as it is outside, and we just turn the hose on the kids and the deck after.

The lettuce is tasting great and growing faster than we can eat it, The beets and carrots are getting eaten by I think peter cotton tail, or maybe his chipmunk friend. I think they realize that a Pomeranian is not the most vicious and can outrun her.  There are lots of games of chicken that seem to be happening, it is rather entertaining to watch them interact.

Ginger sunbathing in the garden and monitoring the squirrel activity.

It is great to have my kitchen planters back too. Fresh basil, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, dill, mint, and many others make all the food taste so much better. The girls love grazing in the gardens everyday. I have to keep an eye on my mint and sorrel, Ava is eating faster than I can harvest it for dinners.

Nasturtium flower

We will soon have some peas, and zucchini ready to eat, I have a feeling i will be making lots of zucchini bread, in the future.  I can’t believe how tall my potato plants are getting, they are almost outgrown the tomatoes. I hope they give us a good crop.  The peppers are really liking the heat and have produced lots of babies that are working on ripening. I am going to pickle a bunch of hot peppers again this year. I just opened last years batch and it would appear that I need a slightly different recipe with less mustard seed in it.


The hops have really taken off this year too and promptly climbed all the way up the deck railing and are quickly running out of space. I have heard of pickling the hop shoots, so I might give that a go, apparently its similar to a pickled asparagus.

Golden hops




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