Opening weekend!

Ah, the May long weekend has come and gone. We took our usual trip up north to the cottage. My dad and husband already officially opened the cottage a weekend before so it wasn’t the first trip up for them. We look forward to this time of year from the moment the boat leaves the dock in the fall. The kids really can’t contain themselves when they see the cottage pile starting to form in the front hall. To me, it means summer is finally here. Something about the Georgian Bay says home to me – I love the sound of the river and the boats, and of course sitting on the dock in a Muskoka chair watching the world go by.

We arrived to a rather large beaver lodge right beside our dock, and thus spent most of our time de-constructing it. The term “busy as a beaver” takes on a whole new meaning. I don’t think people truly understand the phrase until they have deconstructed a lodge.

Two people standing on a mostly-deconstructed beaver lodge at the edge of a wooded bank. Behind the lodge is a red cottage.
My dad and I working on getting sticks loose on the top of the lodge
Jana tipping out a wheelbarrow into a jumbled pile of sticks piled on Georgian Bay granite.
Dumping one of many loads of sticks from the lodge. This is the second pile of sticks.

The weather was much nicer than the usual, with the weekend falling a bit later in the year. The kids spent as much time as they could mucking outside.  We also made a new friend with a muskrat that has taken up residence under the dock, It really enjoyed stealing small parts of the beaver lodge that we didn’t take out.

A young girl standing at the edge of a forest.
Ava watching the great outdoors
Leah dancing on the cottage deck, and pointing at mommy working.
Leah dancing on the deck

A muskrat hiding in a dock crib.

Our muskrat friend.

Got a picture of some blueberry flowers, hopefully by august those will all be fruit!

Blueberry bush in flower
Blueberry bush in flower.

Going north is something I have done almost forever. I love sharing the cottage experience with the girls. They can’t wait for the water to be warm enough to swim everyday. Leah was already in for a dip this year. I guess we will probably have a new tradition of who gets in the water the earliest in the year. I can’t wait to get back to the cottage and hopefully have a slightly more relaxing time, although I do like a project.

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