Out in the garden

The peas are up!

Peas sprouting out of the ground

It is so much fun taking the girls into the back yard everyday and watching things grow. The leaves on the maples and the birch are coming in now giving us some privacy and some shade. The robins are hatching, finding egg shells everywhere, and we found a tree frog!

Grey tree frog in a maple tree
Grey Tree frog

My dad got some beautiful primulas to plant in the back spring garden. Leah loves to lend a hand putting flowers in the ground. It reminds me of helping my mom in the garden.

Girl in the garden planting primulas
Leah planting Primulas
Girl smiling and holding a bowl of water
Ava helping out.

One reply on “Out in the garden”

Ava is starting to look like you, glad they are using the bowls. You know how I love those frogs, especially their yellow thighs!

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