In the kitchen

Crepes are a weekly tradition in our house. Ava loves to stir the batter and Leah cracks the eggs and helps add ingredients. We have jam, sugar, honey or maple syrup on them. It may not be the healthiest start to the day, but it sure is a fun way.

Child staring a bowl of crepe batter
Ava stiring a batch of crepes for breakfast

We are having some Fajitas for dinner so we whipped up a batch of homemade guacamole, It is simple with just one avocado, a squeeze or two of lime juice, freshly chopped cilantro and dash of salt is all this needs to taste awesome.

Fresh homemade guacamole
Homemade guacamole

One reply on “In the kitchen”

sounds like fun and learning to be proficient in the kitchen, a lost art with some of our girls.
The recipe is something I will try for myself.
What else other than the quacamole do you put in the fajitas?
lovely photo of Ava.

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