Pictures and Mother’s Day

As promised here are some pictures of the gardens coming into their own. Got my potatoes, beans and sunflowers in the ground today, and they got a good watering in from the late afternoon rain.

White double daffodil with dew on the upper petals

beet seeds sprouting out of freshly turned soil
Beet seeds sprouting
a garden full of blooming daffodils of many varieties
Daffodil- double with hints of yellow and green on the centre petals.

Mothers day is this weekend, I took the opportunity of a sunny hot afternoon to do a fun flower pot craft for the grandmothers. We painted thumb print ladybugs and added some vines and a sun. We will plant some sunflower seeds in the pot.

a clay flower pot with thumb print ladybugs, a sun, and a quote
Mothers Day flower pot

The kids love doing anything that involves making hand or foot prints, which means they get to have outside water play to clean up. I think they like the water more than the actual painting sometimes.


Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Good night!

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