Here we go!

Well here we go, my first blog post! I am excited to share my adventures with you.

I was ambling through the vegetable garden today and the beet and carrot seeds are starting to poke their heads up! The weather has finally warmed up enough that we can start getting all the seedlings we have been carefully tending in the house outside. This year we are trying our hands at beets, carrots, beans, peas, squash, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, and a bunch of herbs for the “kitchen garden” aka planters on the deck. I have lots of narcissus and tulips coming into bloom right now too. I will add pictures when I actually remember to take the camera outside.  The fig has finally got some buds breaking and baby leaves poking out.  The robins are loving the freshly turned soil in the gardens – we have two nesting pairs around the house. The kids really enjoy watching the progress of nest building and the babies hatching and growing up.

Tonight I was preparing cupcakes for my youngest daughter’s birthday party, traditional red velvet with grated beets to make them pink! I can’t wait to show her.

Well that’s all I have for today.

Good night!

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